Alexandr Nikiti , MSc

tennis, conditioning

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Tennis lessons, sparring and video analysis

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Trainings for muscle building, weight loss, body toning and endurance

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Conditioning for athletes

Training program designed for performance improvement in a particular sports discipline

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Personal training plan

Development of annual training plan based on the laws of Sports Adaptology and Dr. Viktor Seluyanov´s research

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I am engaged in coaching since 2007. During my coaching practice, I have worked both with professional and amateur athletes, but also non sport people, who had different scopes, such as increasing their performance or improving their condition to feel better. My training program is based on Sports Adaptology and training methods of Dr.Viktor Seluyanov. These training methods are based on the latest researches and are used by many top athletes in 43 different kinds of sports. The knowledge of Sports Adaptology allows me to develop functional training programs that are based on organism’s biological processes. Due to these programs, I am able to reach the potential of an athlete much more effectively and more safely, without undesirable overtraining.


Alexandr Nikiti

I do sports since childhood. At the age of 5 I started playing tennis, later I included boxing for conditioning and at the age of 16 I started with strength training.

  • 2009: Player of the tennis team at South Carolina State University (U.S.)
  • 2008: Player of the tennis team at Oklahoma State University (U.S.)
  • 2007: League player of German tennis league for the Tennisclub Grün-Weiß 1911 e.V
  • 2013 - now: SK Hradcany Prague - Fitness Coach and Consultant for development of conditioning programs for representatives of Czech Republic in gymnastics
  • 2010-2015: Nexus tennis academy - Tennis and Conditioning coach
  • 2007: Tennisclub Grün-Weiß 1911 e.V. - Tennis Coach
  • 2017: Charles University (Faculty of physical education and sport)-Graduation of the program „Speed development “
  • 2017: Charles University (Faculty of physical education and sport)-Graduation of the program „Strength training for sport“
  • 2017: Czech gymnastics federation - Gymnastics coach
  • 2015: Global Professional Tennis Coach Association - International tennis coach of level B (Italy)
  • 2010: Coaching School Ronnie - Fitness coach
  • 2010 - 2015: Economics and management – Master’s study at Czech University of Life Sciences
  • 2009: Czech Tennis Association - Tennis coach
  • Tennis trainings for beginners, professionals, children and adults;
  • Fitness trainings for women, men and children of any age and condition. I work both with professional and amateur athletes, but also with people after injuries and surgeries;
  • I do conditioning training for different kinds of sports (tennis, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, football, hockey, swimming, basketball, cycling, auto-moto, hockey, volleyball, squash, baseball, golf, snowboarding, skiing, athletics ...).
  • I speak Czech and English


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Why train with me?

Thanks to the knowledge of Sports Adaptology and training methods of Dr. Viktor Seluyanov I am able to:

  • teach you modern tennis techniques and eliminate your bad habits
  • increase the accuracy, speed and power of your tennis strokes with stato-dynamic strength exercises
  • focus strength training on different muscle fibers depending on the type of sport and your individual needs
  • achieve muscle development faster and more effectively
  • help you achieve top result without the use of doping
  • develop the endurance of upper and lower body separately, depending on the type of sport and individual needs
  • increase safely the heart volume, if it is the limiting factor in the performance
  • achieve maximal development of mitochondria and thus endurance in all muscle fibers
  • develop effectively your speed and power
  • decrease the incidence of sports injuries and speed up recovery time
  • develop functional training plans that do not lead to overtraining and performance stagnation
  • develop safely the muscle mass in children which would lead to improved performance in their sport
  • determine the limiting factor of athlete’s performance
  • reduce effectively the fat in the entire body or only in certain parts
  • improve the function of the endocrine and immune system with stato-dynamic strength exercises
  • improve the function of the vascular system and reduce the atherosclerosis
  • strengthen the entire body and remove or reduce the pain in back and joints


Alon Hasa (director of sports club SK Hradcany)

Alex is great coach. Thanks to him, we learned many new things about training. After an explanation and introduction of stato-dynamic strength training our gymnasts significantly increased their strength, endurance and the incidences of injury have reduced. If you want to reach your maximum athletic performance, I highly recommend Alexandr. We did not have better specialist in our club.

Ondrej Ters (motocross)

I have trained with Alex since 2014. I came to him because I wanted to increase my endurance. During the race, my big problem was lack of fitness. I was able to go very fast half of the race, but then my legs and forearms were so exhausted that I could move no meter. Of course, I tried to solve this problem by myself with jogging and gym. Unfortunately I didn’t notice any significant improvements on the track. Only after I started to train with Alex, I realized that I was training completely wrong. Instead of lifting heavy weights like I did, we used light weights and stato-dynamic strength regime. The improvements with such training were very fast! Already after two months my stamina was like never before.

Martin Kolman (2 nd best water skier in the world)

My achievements are due to many people who coach me on water. Because I want to get to the very top of Water Skiing I need the best preparation in offseason. With Alex Nikiti I started to work before the beginning of 2017 season. His approach to my sport, about which Alex before the start of our cooperation did not have much information, convinced me that he is my best option. Among the most important goals in my offseason is to strengthen the muscle groups that are crucial for my results, and also the removal of imbalances and injury prevention. Alex is an experienced coach, who has his own experience with training at the highest level. Each workout he does with maximal effort with the goal to move closer his student to his dream destination.
Thank you coach!

Training prices

— Prices do not include court rental
— When buying package of 10x training sessions you need to train at least 2x times a week
— Prices do not include admission to fitness

1x session (60 min.)
1 person/500 CZK
2 persons/600 CZK
10x sessions
1 person/4000 CZK
2 person/5000 CZK
Technique video analysis
1000 CZK
1x session (60 min.)
1 person/500 CZK
2 persons/600 CZK
10x sessions
1 person/4000 CZK
2 person/5000 CZK
1x session (60 min.)
1 person/500 CZK
2 persons/600 CZK
10x sessions
1 person/4000 CZK
2 person/5000 CZK


Personal training plan
8000 CZK


Tennis trainings

Tennis club Cibulka (V Strani 11, Prague 5)
Tennis club TJ Banka Prague (U Klikovky 10, Prague 5)
Sports club Hradcany (Dlabačov 1,Prague 1)

Fitness and conditioning trainings

Sports club Hradcany (Dlabačov 1,Prague 1)
Private gym (Na Radosti 109/28, Prague 5)

phone-icon+420 777 16 19 86


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